Is Your PLR at Risk of Saturation? What You Need to Know!

“Arun, should I worry about my PLR being too saturated since others have the same content as me?”

This is a common question that many marketers have when purchasing PLR.

They often think, “If 500 other people have bought the same PLR, how am I going to compete?”

The first solution that pops up in their head is to lower their prices drastically. They attempt to compete on price. This is suicidal.

You could drop your price to 2 or 3 dollars but your earnings will be so paltry you wouldn’t be able to justify your effort.

In fact, this situation is so common that I wrote an entire article on it. You can read it here.

There’s Only One Solution to This Problem…

You need to differentiate your PLR from the masses. That’s what you should do.

Don’t copy the rest and sell your PLR as it is. If you do what everyone else is doing, your product will not stand out.

I’ve written an article on rebranding your PLR. Read it and apply it. See article here.

All you need to do is:

You could even create some bonuses or use other PLR products as bonuses to complement the main product you’re selling.

Your package should have more value and look totally different from what you purchased. Now, it will appear as if you have a brand new product and you’ll not have to compete with the rest.

You can charge whatever you want…

Because your product looks unique.

The potential buyer will also notice that your product is different from the masses of other products that look the same but have different prices.

They will be much more likely to buy your product… and this is exactly how you use PLR.

Always remember that there is no such thing as market saturation when it comes to PLR. This is a convenient excuse used by lazy marketers to take the easy way out.

There are marketers who buy PLR and rebrand them till they look totally different. They then go on to sell the hell out of these products at high prices and make good money.

Then there are the beginner marketers who pout and fret that people are selling their PLR so low that they can’t break a profit.

Know the difference. Spend some time on your PLR and make it look good. This extra effort is the difference that makes the difference.

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