Exposed! Will Using PLR Lead to a Google Duplicate Content Penalty?

There’s a common misconception among many newbie marketers that using PLR content will trigger a Google duplicate content penalty.

So you can breathe a sigh of relief.

What is a Google Duplicate Content Penalty?

Firstly, this penalty mostly affects sites that are trying to deceive and manipulate the search engines.

Let’s assume someone is trying to target the keyword, ‘keto for weight loss’… and they have one PLR article on this topic.

Then then stuff the keyword into the article way more times than necessary – and post that same article on their blog 5 times.

The only thing they change is the title – a sneaky way to trick the search engines into thinking the articles are different, when it’s all the same.

I’ve created an image to make this scenario clearer for you! (Because that’s the kind of guy I am.)

These unnecessary shenanigans employed by dodgy marketers will be rewarded with a nice, fat duplicate content penalty.

Similarly, if you take a single PLR article and use it to create 10 posts and just change the page title, this will be duplicate content because the same PLR article appears 10 times on 1 site.

Believe you, me… Google can see right through these tricks.

The Good News is That Using PLR is NOT a Trick

In fact, many news articles are syndicated and the same article appears in several different websites.

he content is exactly the same, yet the sites are not penalized because the content only appears once on each site.

Let’s look at an example. The image below will show 4 different news sites with the SAME news article.

Here’s the best part – they’re all ranking in the search results!

No duplicate content penalties here because these sites are not trying to game the Google algorithm.

If we opened up up each news site in a new window, we’d see that it’s the EXACT SAME content.

So you have nothing to worry about when using private label rights content.

Even if other PLR buyers are using the same content as you, it’s fine. You won’t be penalized.

That’s all there is to it.

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