Discover Why You Should Only Use High-Quality PLR

If you’ve been buying PLR for any length of time, you’d have come across PLR where there are thousands of articles in just one pack and it’s going for peanuts.

Your eyes light up and you think. “Wow! 300,000 PLR Articles in 1,000 niches for only $4.95! Can this really be true?”

Imagine that! Such value… and here at Flaming Hot PLR, they’re charging me $7 for a measly 10 or 15 articles! Arun, you’re such a conman!

Hey hey… hear me out first before you run off and buy that “seemingly valuable” pack.

This is what you need to know about those massive PLR packs and why almost all of them are useless and could even be detrimental to your online marketing.

Poor/Low Quality Writing

Trust me on this one. I purchased one of those massive packs for $67 only to discover later on that the exact same thing was being sold on Fiverr for… well.. $5.

The quality of the writing was atrocious and any plans I had about rewriting them disintegrated because the material was mostly fluff and there were no substantial facts.

Old, Outdated Content

Many of these articles are outdated and have been around for ages. they have been worked to death.

The content is not unique and you will end up having to rewrite the entire article for it to pass Copyscape. So now, you have old, poorly written content.

Are You Even Sure That It’s PLR?

Nothing is so bad that it can’t get worse.

There’s usually no way to prove if the articles in these massive packs are original PLR content or they used a software to scrape content from all over the web and just did some quick copying and pasting.

Have you noticed that no one knows who created these massive PLR bundles?

This alone should set off alarm bells. All the best PLR producers will gladly put their name on their PLR content.

Tiffany Lambert, Justin Popovic, Jimmy D. Brown, and a few others are some of the best PLR producers around (ahem… including myself 🙄 )… and all of them will always tell you if it’s their PLR.

That is the difference. You must find PLR created by someone who is willing to stand behind their products.

There’s a reason the top PLR sellers charge a dollar a page and some even higher. Effort has gone into the writing and research.

Reliable PLR vendors ensure a consistent level of quality to safeguard their reputation.

What If I Find Useful Articles in Those Huge Packs?

You could. With thousands of articles in the massive packs, I’m sure there are some that you could use.

After all, even a blind pig stumbles upon an acorn now and then…

But the time wasted looking for something that you could use and then rewriting the overused content should be factored in your decision.

At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you.

You could get the massive PLR packs… but do check if the content is indeed PLR and make it as unique as you can.

My opinion can be summed up in the quote below.

“Cheap meat never makes a good soup.” – Azerbaijani Proverb

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