Hello hello!

Wow! You actually clicked on the about me page. Outstanding!

Now, I’ll grab this opportunity to talk about my favorite topic… Myself.

Unfortunately, unlike other marketers, I don’t have a rags to riches story.

I can’t tell you how I was a struggling one-armed construction worker who had a family of 8 to support.

And I didn’t scavenge for stale, moldy hamburgers in trash cans until I discovered a push-button system that made me $25,234 in 20 minutes!!!

I don’t have such wild tales. You’ve probably seen them all and rolled your eyes so far back you saw your brain.

My tale is wilder… and actually truthful.

I Used to Be an Entertainer...

That’s me on the left…

Spinning and juggling fire; performing magic tricks and illusions, and doing other inane things to entertain the unwashed masses.

I’ve performed on countless stages, at multi-national company dinners, at trade fairs, in school halls, on cruise ships, on the streets, and in private places of disrepute.

The last one was my favorite.

Watch My Videos Below!

I Had an Awesome Life... But There Was One Problem...

I usually did shows at night, and though I was well-paid, my days grew dull, uninspiring and insipid. I had too much time on my hands and didn’t know what to do with it.

There had to be more to life than traveling, alcohol, daytime TV and entertaining my never-ending string of girlfriends. Not to mention my brief flings which usually involved me flinging my briefs.

I was tired of being an Indian James Bond. Without the adventure and mayhem.

I also desperately wanted to get out of Singapore (an overly expensive, invisible prison) and settle down in a country that was laid-back, less stressful, and had better food.

Most importantly, I needed to have the freedom to live my life without a government that kept imposing a million ridiculous rules to follow.

And I was tired of performing for others. I wanted a break… and a location-independent business. I could not achieve these goals as an entertainer…

So I Got Online!

And I started off by selling digital products on eBay. But eBay with all its never-ending rules put me off. Screw that. I quit eBay.

Then I got on Fiverr and started off with an article writing gig. In no time at all, I was swamped with orders… and became a ‘Top Rated Seller’ in no time at all.

That’s when I realized how badly online marketers needed good content.

One fine day, one of my Fiverr clients told me that I’d do really well selling PLR.

I had no idea what PLR was… but I decided to give it a go.

So, I created one small PLR pack and released it on the Warrior Forum.

It used to be an awesome place back in the day… but now, it’s a digital wasteland with Walking Dead marketer wannabes.

I  digress.

Anyway, my first PLR pack was so well-received that I kept releasing more packs after that.

Finally, after 3 years of wasting time online…

I quit performing on stage for good and decided to do this online marketing thing full-time.

And I’ve NEVER looked back.

Where I Am Now...

I’ve made thousands selling PLR and thousands more promoting affiliate products. I’m one of the most bankable PLR sellers in this business, probably the most.

My previous PLR launch (at the time of writing) grossed over $28K in 4 days. This is extremely difficult to do achieve selling PLR.

My reputation is solid and I’m one of the top affiliates in this scene. You can see the reviews here.

Some of you are probably thinking, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

So I’ve been kind enough to take a screenshot of my WarriorPlus vendor account just for you.

And that’ll be enough bragging for today. Even I’m getting tired.

Here's What Matters to Me...

This business has given me the freedom to live life on my terms.

It has helped me to leave Singapore and work from wherever I want. This is priceless.

The people who laughed at me years ago now tell me that I’m lucky.

I made a promise to myself when I was starting out – that if I were to succeed, I’d help as many newbies as I could.

And I don’t mean the bullshit fake help that run-off-the-mill marketers are famous for.

Constantly extolling the virtue of giving value only to stick their hands out asking you to pay for their info once you crave the pipe dreams they’re selling.

It’s all ‘hopeium’ designed to get you addicted to their rubbish while they get you to empty your wallet.

No! I’m too cool for that.

Here's What You Need!

To succeed online, only skills and action matter.

I’ve given away hundreds of gifts to my list for free. My subscribers will tell you all about it here.

You can join my list and find out.

I’ve set up an entire blog with tutorials to help just about any beginner get started. You can see the blog here.

I have a YouTube channel with tutorials to help you. You can watch the videos here.

There’s even a Facebook group you can join here. It’s one of the best Facebook groups to join if you’re a marketer.

I’ve always believed that a rising tide lifts all boats. As irreverent and politically incorrect as I am, I do want you to succeed in this business.

I really do.

I’ve given as much as I can. And I’ll keep giving… just to help you build a successful online business.

And achieve the financial freedom you’ll need in order to live the life that you want.

I’ve got your back… and ultimately, that’s really what I’m all about.

Stay cool.

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